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Our people and technology are our two greatest assets.

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[ Our Vision ]

To empower our customers with total digital freedom.

Our vision is to create the most powerful connectivity & cloud ecosystem that delivers an extraordinary, frictionless customer experience.

Supplying high-speed, mission-critical access to the UK’s digital-first businesses isn’t just about selling an internet connection, but rather the complete connectivity, telephony and network security infrastructure that ensures businesses can thrive.

Though we deal with technology, it’s our focus on people and innovation in solving the complex issues of our customers that truly makes Vaioni stand out from the crowd.

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[ Our Insights ]

[ The Vaioni Difference]

Experts in Connectivity

Conceived to deliver high speed, mission critical, multi-site connectivity to British businesses, we believe we have built the most powerful connectivity platform in the UK. We give you access to 10+ connectivity operators covering well over 95% of the UK, as well as our own network which connects over 250,000 UK postcodes to deliver superfast connectivity, across 7 technologies to meet the demands and flexibility requirements of any business.

Our Network

We take the reliability of our business-only network very seriously. We have maintained world-class network reliability delivering at least 99.995%, giving our customers confidence they are connected to a rock-solid network that delivers mission critical applications without compromise.


We have worked hard to build a reputation and network that is leading edge. In return we have served some of the biggest brands and fastest growing enterprises, as well as earning ourselves multiple awards for service and innovation.

Mitigate the risk of downtime

Not only do we offer value for money, but our business believes you get what you pay for. As experts in Digital Transformation, we always build your solution with reliability in mind. Every Vaioni solution is built for reliability, mitigating the risk of any downtime, enabling your business to run the most demanding applications without risk.

Our people

Our people live by a culture and values which sets them apart from our competitors. We believe in being different, smarter and more agile, always outperforming your expectation.

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[ Our Core Values and Behaviours ]

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[ Our Leadership Team ]

When we say ‘Our People and Technology are our two greatest assets’, there’s a reason we put our people first. They’re what makes Vaioni the disruptive force it has become. Feel free to reach out to them via LinkedIn if you have any questions.

[ Our Partners ]

We work closely with BT Wholesale, TalkTalk Business, Virgin Media Business, Vodafone, and more, to enable us to increase our reach.

It also means that if you are not directly within a VEN area, we can still supply your services via one of our partners and combine that with any other products you may need.

The benefit of aggregating all of your services through Vaioni is that you’ll only need one number for any account, finance or technical support queries as they’ll all be handled by our expert team.

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International Carriers

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[ The Vaioni Story ]

Vaioni started from the bedroom of our Managing Director with the basic concept of delivering choice and excellence in connectivity to British businesses.

Arguably we were the first to disrupt the Ethernet market in 2008, taking to market cost effective, high speed Ethernet connectivity to London businesses, giving us a great platform to demonstrate our value and service, at a time when the market was renowned for both expensive connectivity and poor service.

Since then we have gone on to build the first online Ethernet procurement portal, reducing quoting and ordering times from an average of 5 working days to just under 10 minutes, revolutionising the way Ethernet connectivity was bought and sold.

We have grown into a multi-award-winning connectivity & cloud Operator, giving businesses access to one of the UK’s leading digital transformation platforms. We bring together the largest choice in UK & International connectivity with leading-edge voice and security solutions, serving over 600 businesses globally with mission critical connectivity & cloud solutions.

[ News and Views ]

Vaioni targets public sector opportunities through new framework appointments

Vaioni targets public sector opportunities through new framework appointments

Vaioni Group is delighted to confirm its appointment to two public sector frameworks as part of a strategic growth initiative focusing on public sector organisations.
Vaioni Group has been successfully appointed to the Yorkshire Purchasing Organisation’s (YPO) new framework for Network Connectivity and Telecommunication Solutions for three lots – Wide Area Networks, Cyber Security and Communication. Valued at £750million this is a first-of-its kind framework, created to offer a full range of connectivity and communication technology services to all public sector organisations, from blue light to central and local government.

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How to be agile

How to be agile

Covid has vastly accelerated a number of workplace trends already in play, forcing companies to adopt new strategies, policies and technologies at breakneck speed. From digital transformation to remote working, 2020 feels like the year when everything changed in the blink of an eye.

So how should organisations react to this constant cycle of change? At times like this, a certain amount of trepidation is natural. Business doesn’t like uncertainty, because it leads to indecision. How can you plan for a post-pandemic future when it’s impossible to predict what will happen next week?

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What is hybrid work (and why it’s good for your business)?

What is hybrid work (and why it’s good for your business)?

When lockdown hit in March, thousands of us rushed away from workplaces and set up office in back bedrooms and garden sheds. It wasn’t ideal, but it was good enough. We made the best of it, despite cramped spaces, intrusive children and stuttering Zoom meetings.

And with the arrival of Covid’s second wave this Autumn, that’s the position many of us still find ourselves in. We’ve become used to remote working, though some of us want to go back to the office. Our expectations around work/life balance have changed. We’re looking forward to the end of the pandemic, but that doesn’t mean we want to wind back the clock to exactly the way things were before.

A new approach

Which is why you might have started hearing the term ‘hybrid working’ bandied about recently. It’s a new way of working that advocates a semi-remote approach, and generally means employees spend some of the week (post-Covid) in the office, and some of it working at home or elsewhere. It’s likely to prove popular. In Vaioni’s own post-Covid home working survey, only 8% of respondents said staff would continue to work from home all of the time after the pandemic, but 60% said their businesses would adopt a hybrid model.

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[ We’re Proud of our Achievements ]

The exceptional dedication and passion that our people bring to the table has been recognised for years. We’re so proud of our team and how they enable Vaioni to disrupt the market; making industry-leading services accessible to the majority of UK businesses.

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