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Whether Hosted Voice or Unified Communications, IP-based voice services improve productivity.

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[ Flexible communication with clarity ]

Internet-based voice services are the future of communication. By choosing voice services from Vaioni you’ll ensure that your team will be able to work to their full potential, improve collaboration and have access to more insights than ever before.

With so many methods of communication now available – Voice, Video, Email and Instant Messaging to name a few – your team needs a service that will support – rather than stifle – internal and external communication throughout your entire operation.

In 2025, BT will deactivate the ISDN or ‘landline’ network, which most businesses use for their telephone services. Vaioni’s Clear SIP and Clear Voice ensure your business stays connected after the deactivation, using the same numbers as now, as well as enabling all the new features that an internet-based calling solution can provide.

Adopt a more flexible working policy and empower your teams with super-simple routing of calls to mobiles, tablets and laptops. In conjunction with reliable access to collaboration services and easy-to-use reporting and recording tools your business leaders maintain essential visibility, even while working from home.

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[ Vaioni Voice Services ]

Our Voice services can integrate with your existing on-site PBX equipment, or run directly from the cloud, using your internet connection to facilitate not only your calling, but collaboration, video calling, instant messaging services and more.


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A carrier grade voice service that brings together rich unified communications features with best of breed analytics.

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Adopt IP calling whilst retaining your existing PBX hardware.

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Leveraging the cloud for your telephony and collaboration needs can enable better flexible working policies and free your team to work however they find best, wherever they may be.

“We were growing fast … plus our connectivity was very slow. After Vaioni came in, all our new sites are in constant communication, we have improved efficiency and connectivity is now superfast and reliable again!”

Mohammed Rashid, Product Director – Medina Dairy

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[ The Vaioni Ethernet Network ]

The Vaioni Ethernet Network (VEN) connects the UK’s major cities including London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Bristol, Glasgow and Edinburgh to deliver competitive and feature-rich connectivity (with lines up to 10Gb) to over 350,000 postcodes across more than 100 cities and towns throughout the UK.

Our network has been expertly designed to provide the security, resilience and speed that your business needs to operate efficiently. And with our full product set embedded into our network, you can take voice, unified communications, internet security and 4G all built on the same robust infrastructure.

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[ Our Customer Solutions ]

“Vaioni made sure our sites could talk to each other to improve efficiency, plus we now have a secure location for all backup systems and data.”

Mohammed Rashid, Product Director – Medina Dairy

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[ News and Views ]

Has rural home & business connectivity been forgotten?

Has rural home & business connectivity been forgotten?

Long before the global pandemic ground the world to a halt, and saw new connectivity services and fault resolutions being prioritised for critical functions such as blue light services, pharmacies, utilities, food distribution outlets and financial services, rural homes and businesses were patiently waiting for the high-speed internet services that the rest of us take for granted. Now, with limits to travel and engineer availability, will those in the green belt be left behind?

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Beyond COVID-19: Seven key IT solutions that will accelerate your return to ‘business as usual’

Beyond COVID-19: Seven key IT solutions that will accelerate your return to ‘business as usual’

While there is still so much uncertainty as to when businesses will be able to return to the office and ‘get back to normal’, there are several technologies that present solutions to the challenges of fostering these strong communication practices. The most significant being a Unified Communications solution that will – as the name suggests – combine all the various ways that your team collaborate, into a unified experience.

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Vaioni enables businesses to minimise costs with free enterprise class hosted telephony solution for 3 months

Vaioni enables businesses to minimise costs with free enterprise class hosted telephony solution for 3 months

With so much uncertainty in the market and a genuine risk of businesses losing revenue due to the Coronavirus outbreak, Vaioni – the Manchester-based Network Services Operator – has taken the decision to lead by example and embody its “Be Extraordinary’ mantra by offering some of its most popular enterprise class hosted voice and next generation internet security services for free; enabling businesses throughout the country to minimise costs and better weather this economic storm.

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[ Our long-term vision to Innovate ]

“To us, innovation isn’t just a term, it’s an integral part of our culture. Only by exploring the wants and needs of enterprises can we design the products and services that will support UK and global businesses for years to come.
We invest in the right people and technology to make those dreams a reality.”

Sachin Vaish, Managing Director

[ Our Core Services ]

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The backbone that keeps your business operational and your people connected.

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Protect the integrity of your network and data with our range of network security solutions.

[ We’re Proud of our Achievements ]

The exceptional dedication and passion that our people bring to the table has been recognised for years. We’re so proud of our team and how they enable Vaioni to disrupt the market; making industry-leading services accessible to the majority of UK businesses.

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