Vaioni: Celebrating the women in our organisation

Mar 8, 2021 | News

It’s no exaggeration to say that the technology is a male-dominated area. In a 2015 study, GSMA found that in three-quarters of the companies surveyed, women accounted for less than 40% of the workforce. In fact, only one company surveyed had female participation above 50%!

We’ve been on a massive hiring drive throughout lockdown and many of our new female employees haven’t had the chance to meet each other yet! Which is why, this International Women’s Day, we’ve sent a gift for each one of our female colleagues and organised a virtual coffee morning so they can get to know each other, build relationships and offer support in the coming weeks, months and years.

We also wanted to provide our female colleagues with the opportunity to talk about their heroes, challenges, insights and experiences in the IT & Telecoms industry.

Anna – “Always focus on the reasons why you can do something. Take more risks, maybe apply for jobs where you only tick 70% of the boxes and finally just be yourself and be true to your personality!”


I would like to reflect on all the working women who have come before me who bravely disrupted the societal norms and stereotypes. As a young female having recently graduated, I would not have had the opportunity to confidently begin my career in this industry had it not been for these courageous women who stood up for change and paved a path for me. Having a female mentor and several other females in senior roles is great, and would’ve been unspoken of in years past, especially in such a male dominated industry.

Chantelle – “For the people just starting out in their career; don’t let your gender define what you think you can achieve. Don’t let your gender stop you from going for what you actually want to do.”


This picture was taken my first day back after maternity leave. I had really struggled on maternity leave as I had some complications which made recovery really hard. I was so excited to go back to work and just feel like myself again but when I got there, I missed my son so much that I had to go for a cry at lunchtime. By the time I got home after an hour commute, I was the most tired I had ever been in my life! I opened the door and this smiling face greeted me, making it all worthwhile. Today, let’s all consider those working mothers who are putting on a smile while struggling underneath the surface.

Becky – “As Adrienne Rich once said, the most important thing one woman can do for another, is to expand her sense of her actual possibilities.”


I would like to pay tribute to Ethel Ayres Purdie who was the first ever female ACCA member. After getting married and giving birth to two sons, she defied conventions and undertook her accountancy exam. The accountancy body didn’t admit women back then, but she fought and won for her right to have a career as a chartered accountant in 1909. She then pursued a vigorous campaign against the unfair treatment of married women in the tax system and spent most of her working life fighting for equality. Without women like Ethel, I may not have been able to achieve what I have today (becoming a chartered accountant) and continue to progress my career even further.

Becky – “Women too should work hard to be inclusive of each other and be kind to others. We should support and encourage each other to do well.”

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