VaiGuard Cyber Awareness & Training

Protect your business, by building a culture of effective and easy to use Cyber Training and Awareness.

[ Reduce Cyber risk caused by Human Error through effective Cyber Training ]

With 90% of Cyber breaches resulting from “human error”, investing in training and empowering your staff with the knowledge, and awareness, as well as supporting them with tests and simulations, is an important factor in helping you to protect your business from cyber breaches. Clicking, opening, downloading and installing applications whilst inadvertently providing access to sensitive data, can happen to any well-intentioned member of staff.

[ Product Benefits ]

  • Huge range of training videos and material

  • Managed & customisable phishing campaigns providing regular simulated, targeted and focused phishing emails to your users

  • Customisable training material to suit your needs, ensuring that users are receiving the most relevant training

  • Measure and track the impact and effectiveness

  • Easy to read reporting for effective management and administration

[ Why VaiGuard Cyber Awareness & Training? ]

VaiGuard Cyber Awareness & Training combines effective bite-sized cyber security awareness training modules for your staff, with phishing simulation attacks to test ongoing awareness and compliance.

Results are tracked and summarised in easy-to-understand reports with metrics, so you can measure the improvements across your workforce, improving your cyber security posture and mitigating the risk across your business by up to 70%.

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Easy Campaign Management:

Easily manage employee groups for phishing and training sessions via continuous Active Directory sync. Run different sessions for multiple groups and schedule these to be sent out at random times to prevent employees from warning each other. Schedule sessions ahead of time and they’ll run automatically at the designated times.

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Customisable to your needs:

Customise your phishing exercises to suit the distinct needs of your organisation and specific employee groups, tailoring emails to the threat types they are likely to encounter. Use our preloaded email templates or create your own emails from a blank template. Increase your training session effectiveness by customizing sending domains to appear as if the emails come from your own domain.

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Engaging Training:

Our short and visually engaging training videos deliver easy-to-digest material and are offered in English, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese (Brazil), Spanish (Iberian/European) and Spanish (Latin American). Each lesson is coupled with an online quiz to test the employees’ understanding of the training content.

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Always on top of threat trends:

With ever-evolving cyberthreats, it’s important that your employees are exposed to the latest criminal tactics. We regularly update our phishing kits and training courses to cover the most upto-date phishing scams, so your employees are ready when real threats arrive.

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Measure and Track:

Our reporting is automated and includes employee phishing exercise and training session results, helping you assess your organization’s cybersecurity posture and identify employees who may need additional training.

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Satisfy compliance and cyber insurance:

Having strong security protections in place, including an employee security awareness training program, is now a requirement to qualify for or to renew a cyber insurance policy. You also may be subject to various regulations, with new cybersecurity, data-handling and privacy laws coming out all the time. Stay on top of your compliance requirements with our robust selection of compliance training courses that include HIPAA, GDPR, PCI-DSS, CMMC, NIST 800-171 and more.

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