Secure Hybrid SD-WAN

The most Comprehensive & Secure Hybrid SD-WAN Solution on the market.

[ A network built with secure SD-WAN technology and MPLS together]

Vaioni’s Secure Hybrid SD-WAN brings together all the connectivity carriers and technologies, world-class SD-WAN technology and SD-Branch to secure the LAN and WLAN network.

It allows MPLS to carry all your critical traffic and complete end-to-end Zero-Trust security. It provides in-depth analytics through our VaiGuard INSights platform as well as self-management functionality and orchestration using our VaiGuard Manager platform. It’s all provided through our own core network delivering a single, ultra-secure and high-performance solution.

[ Why Vaioni for Secure Hybrid SD-WAN? ]

Best Practise WAN architecture

Vaioni’s Secure Hybrid SD-WAN incorporates both MPLS to manage critical data and SD-WAN to manage the non-critical data, while providing the visibility and flexibility you don’t always get with more traditional MPLS.

Visibility and security

The Vaioni Secure SD-WAN is one of the only solutions that can deliver a truly security-led SD-WAN and SD-Branch solution out of the box with full visibility and security across a single fabric.


With any Vaioni solution, customers can expect reliability. As standard, the Vaioni Core Network delivers 100% uptime, and all services that connect to are designed to achieve 99.999% uptime. Our design of Secure Hybrid SD-WAN solutions is no exception delivering a minimum of 100% on the core network and 99.999% across the SD-WAN and Security.

Fully Managed by design

Vaioni is famous for building complex connectivity and MPLS solutions for customers of all sizes using its own core network. So not only do we manage the SD-WAN, we also manage the connectivity, the MPLS and core network it runs through. It ensures you have a single provider to diagnose the end-to-end solution no matter the connectivity technology or carrier we use.

The most secure SD-WAN

By partnering with Fortinet and being a select MSSP, Vaioni provides a world leading Secure Hybrid SD-WAN solution using a Zero Trust approach.

Single Fabric, One Pane of Glass

Through the architecture of our platform and the Fortinet product range, Vaioni has the capability to incorporate SD-WAN edge, SD-Branch, security, orchestration and analytics into a single and seamless fabric, managed through a single pane for end-to-end management and visibility.


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Vaioni is already trusted to manage over 2,000 connectivity services globally for the UK’s market-leading businesses. By working with us, you’ll have certainty that the infrastructure that drives your business today and tomorrow.