VaiGuard Managed Firewall + Leased Line

Our Secure-Ready Connectivity brings together the power of our connectivity platform with our Next-Generation Firewall (VaiGuard Managed Firewall), designed for the SME. With 70% of UK Businesses experiencing a successful cyber-attack in 2023, protecting your business with a high performing firewall is critical.

Businesses no longer have to worry about old and inadequate firewall protection, or out of date firewalls. Ours is based on a fully-managed solution, using only the world’s market-leader Fortinet to protect your business. Not only do we give you antivirus protection from malware, viruses and spyware, you also get full inspection of all the web traffic your users visit, ensuring complete protection against web-based threats.

Our Secure-Ready Connectivity gives you:

  • Incredible performance: By combining our connectivity and our next-generation firewall, we give you peace of mind on both the connectivity and performance of your firewall.
  • Ultimate reliability: With every Vaioni service, our customers experience the most reliable services available in the market. Not only do we deliver at least 99.9% uptime reliability on your internet connection, but we also give you 99.99% uptime reliability on the next-generation firewall.
  • Super-fast speed support: We know businesses need faster access to the internet. So we ensure our firewalls support at 1Gbps internet speeds. Not only that, the performance is wirespeed, so you actually get 1Gbps speeds!
  • You’re in good hands: Not only are we famous for great connectivity solutions, but we are also award-winning! So not only do you get the pedigree of an award-winning service provider, we protect you with on of the strongest SLA’s to ensure you get the service you deserve!
  • Extraordinary support: Our highly skilled technical support team are one call away from helping you with any issues you may have 24/7.

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