Vaioni Carrier Diverse + Leased Line

Our Diverse-Ready Connectivity brings the true power of our connectivity platform by combining it with our Carrier Diverse Technology, using different carriers and technologies to give you 100% internet access (Vaioni Carrier Diverse). With the majority of businesses heavily reliant on cloud applications, they require 100% always-on connectivity to perform. So how do you guarantee the best internet availability?

With Diverse-Ready Connectivity by Vaioni, we design and build a connectivity solution that guarantees 100% internet availability.

Our Diverse-Ready Connectivity gives you:

  • Biggest Choice: We own one of the biggest connectivity platforms. Choose from Internet Leased Lines, to Point to Point connections between your offices, to addresses with the most demanding connectivity challenges and requirements, by offering a single platform to source the fastest, most reliable and suitable connectivity across 190+ countries.
  • Ultimate reliability: With every Vaioni service, our customers experience the most reliable services available in the market. Not only do we deliver at least 99.9% uptime reliability on your internet connection, but our backup connectivity automatically fails over within seconds in the event of primary connection failure.
  • Designed and Fully Managed by us: Famous for ultra-reliable solutions, we ensure the design and performance of your Diverse-Ready connection matches your expectations. Not only that, we manage the entire solution too, ensuring the failover between your two connections is automated. When a connection fails, we will ring you within the hour to tell you (even though you won’t notice a blip).
  • You‘re in good hands: Not only are we famous for great connectivity solutions, but we are also award-winning! So not only do you get the pedigree of an award-winning service provider, we protect you with on of the strongest SLA’s to ensure you get the service you deserve!
  • Extraordinary support: Our highly skilled technical support team are one call away from helping you with any issues you may have 24/7.

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