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Fast, secure, and uncontended connectivity.

[ Key Features of Leased Lines ]

Modern businesses require reliable, always-on connections that don’t limit the productivity of their staff. Leased lines give you a direct connection from your premises to a carriers’ network. Only your business can take advantage of the symmetrical download and upload speeds, high bandwidths and superior reliability.

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Dedicated connectivity

Your speed and reliability won’t be affected by other businesses sharing your connection.

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Symmetrical bandwidths

No long upload or download times for businesses that rely on heavy media usage.

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Speeds of up to 10 GBPS

Extraordinary bandwidth for businesses that rely on their connectivity to get the job done.

[ What you get with a Vaioni leased line  ]


With 10 vendors and 7 technologies all managed through one supplier relationship, we give you more choice whilst ensuring operational simplicity.


We guarantee 100% uptime and back this with a full day’s credit for each hour of downtime – from the first minute.


We provide you with a best-of-breed router from Mikrotik.


With circuits delivered in an average 36 working days, we’re quicker than our competitors.


Having a failover plan is essential to keep you up and running, which is why we always quote for a backup connection as on option.


Our pre-ethernet options mean you can be up and running in as little as 24 hours while your main connection is being provisioned.

[ Benefits of Leased Lines ]


Incredibly reliable internet access for mission-critical operations


Uncontested connections mean the entire bandwidth is yours and yours alone


Superfast speeds up to 10Gbs for even the most internet-reliant businesses


24/7/365 Support from our Manchester-based NOC


Our industry-leading SLA ensures you’re credited for any time you’re offline


Extraordinary flexibility enables you to scale when the need arises


Built-in resiliency means you have the option for a free back-up connection in case of an outage


Best-of-breed, managed router from Mikrotik as standard

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UK Connectivity Map

The Vaioni Ethernet Network (VEN) connects the UK’s major cities including London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Bristol, Glasgow and Edinburgh to deliver competitive and feature-rich connectivity (with lines up to 10Gb) to over 350,000 postcodes across more than 100 cities and towns throughout the UK.

Our network has been expertly designed to provide the security, resilience and speed that your business needs to operate efficiently. And with our full product set embedded into our network, you can take voice, unified communications, internet security and 4G all built on the same robust infrastructure.

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[ Vaioni Connectivity Services ]

We can help you choose from our range of access technologies from ten different providers and design the perfect network to meet your business’ specific needs.

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The backbone that keeps your business operational and your people connected.


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Robust networking for multi-site and international organisations.

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Stay connected anywhere with mobile connectivity.

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Cost-effective business class connectivity for small businesses.

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[ Why choose Vaioni? ]

We've got the complete connectivity, telephony and cybersecurity infrastructure that will help you win more sales and deliver amazing customer service.
Plus, our sector-leading on-site and technical support comes as standard.

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Access to five major Ethernet technologies

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Providing on-net access to more than 350,000 postcodes across 210+ exchanges on our award-winning network, VEN.

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Access to 12 UK carriers & over 100 international operators, covering 230 countries.

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100% uptime SLA with 1-day’s credit for each hour of downtime.

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24/7 engineer support.

[ We're proud of our achievements ]


The exceptional dedication and passion that our people bring to the table has been recognised for years. We’re so proud of our team and how they enable Vaioni to disrupt the market; making industry-leading services accessible to the majority of UK businesses.

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