Clear Voice: powerful new hosted voice with perfect timing

Apr 12, 2021 | News

Vaioni has just launched a powerful new hosted voice service called Clear Voice, and though we don’t like to blow our own trumpet, we think our timing is spot on.

Clear Voice is an industry leading VoIP service hosted in the cloud, and it launches just as you might be trying to decide your post-lockdown working strategy. Maybe you’ve started talking about remote and hybrid working and a cautious return to work? Maybe you’re thinking about the tools that will see you through the end of lockdown and into a new ‘work anywhere’ era of business?

Our Clear Voice launch is well timed for other reasons, too. Cisco’s recent buyout of cloud communications provider Broadsoft has created a more homogenous, one-size-fits-all hosted voice market. Clear Voice is a full-featured and competitively priced alternative to Broadsoft’s platform that brings a new and disruptive option to the market just when you need it most.

Hosted voice is the future of communications

Most of all though, it’s the right time for Clear Voice because it’s the right time for cloud-based unified communications. The Covid pandemic has proved a tipping point. Organisations with hosted voice systems switched to remote work far more easily than those with on-premise alternatives. Staff simply took professional telephony home with them on their smartphones and laptops.

That flexibility will be increasingly important at any time, and not just during a global health crisis. Work from home policies will remain in place for many businesses, at least as part of a hybrid model. And the ability to communicate and collaborate professionally on the go creates clear business benefits at any time.

Let’s not forget that the ISDN switch off is just round the corner too. If you haven’t yet, you’ll have to start thinking about replacing a legacy landline with all-IP telephony soon enough. A hosted PBX like Clear Voice is the future-proof alternative.

Look to the cloud

It’s future-proof because it lives in the cloud. Business communications based in the cloud let your employees work effectively from anywhere and from any device. They update automatically. They give you a level of control that will be essential in a post-lockdown world.

For example, Clear Voice comes with rich real time data and reporting functions, letting you measure the effectiveness and productivity of your teams wherever they are. It’s also instantly scalable, letting you add new users at will without paying for capacity you can’t use. Control everything from a simple, centralised portal.

And a cloud-based phone system removes the need for on-premise equipment entirely. You might spend a lot of time maintaining, securing and upgrading an on-site PBX. With cloud communications, all that happens elsewhere and becomes somebody else’s responsibility. And there’s no hardware to install, so deployment happens in a matter of days, not weeks.

Clear Voice – clear benefits

Clear Voice goes further, building a comprehensive telephony solution on top of these standard cloud benefits. For a start, your employees get all the sophisticated call handling features they need to create satisfying customer experiences.

Automatic call routing reduces the need for switchboard staff, and impresses customers by directing them to the right contact at the first attempt. Calls are recorded, stored and ordered chronologically.

If you take payments over the phone, Clear Voice is fully MiFID II and PCI compliant. Contact centre features like Hunt Groups and Wallboards come as standard too.

And you get all this for less. Clear Voice offers a feature-rich hosted voice service at a lower cost than competitor equivalents.

There’s no compromise, despite the cost. Clear Voice gives you the same ‘work anywhere’ functionality, easy scalability and speedy deployment as pricier counterparts. What’s more, Clear Voice employs a single per user per month license fee, making budgeting easier to manage.

Disrupting a stale market

Clear Voice is an exciting hosted voice solution, launched just when the market needs it most. Like our popular connectivity services, Clear Voice is disrupting a market that is becoming increasingly homogenous.

Clear Voice fits the needs of businesses transitioning to more nomadic working patterns, and to firms with older, less secure and less reliable on-site PBX solutions. It’s the right solution if you’re looking to move premises or expand quickly, or to get a step ahead of competitors before the 2025 ISDN switch off.

And when combined with other Vaioni services, Clear Voice is also the perfect way to simplify your accounting and supplier management functions. The three fundamentals of business in a digital age are connectivity, security and communications. Taking them all from Vaioni means one bill, one point of contact and one highly responsive support centre if anything goes wrong.

That won’t happen often though. Clear Voice is another Vaioni service built on a core network that enables 99.995% uptime. We think it’s the right service at the right time so please get in touch to request your free demo and we’ll show you exactly what we mean.

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