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Adopt IP calling whilst retaining your existing PBX hardware.

[ Key Features of Clear SIP ]

Vaioni Clear SIP enables you to take advantage of all the new ways your teams, partners and customers want to communicate, without reinventing the wheel. What’s more you can save significant amounts when compared to a legacy ISDN solution.

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Future-proof telephony solution

Get ahead of your competition before the 2025 ‘Switch Off’.

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Use your existing equipment

Teams can Video chat, IM and more, using your existing hardware.

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Highly-scalable, straight-forward provisioning

Add or remove lines using our easy-to-use provisioning portal.

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Future-proof collaboration tools

Take advantage of SaaS integrations like Office365 and Salesforce.

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Cost-effective calling for multi-site businesses

Save up to 50% on line rental and 25% on calling, especially site-to-site.

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[ Clear SIP ]

Before the existing ISDN or ‘landline’ network is deactivated in 2025, businesses will need to have implemented a replacement system or phones will simply stop ringing.

Our Clear SIP solution allows you to continue to use your existing telephony system through an internet-connection so your teams can stay in touch, past 2025, with even more functionality than ever before.

[ Benefits of Clear SIP ]


Continue to use your existing PBX solution


Save up to 50% on line-rental and 25% off the cost of calls


Easily scalable as your business grows


Take advantage of Video, IM and other collaboration services


Leverage multiple connections to ensure your business remains contactable


Flex your lines up or down depending on business’ needs

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[ The Vaioni Ethernet Network ]

The Vaioni Ethernet Network (VEN) connects the UK’s major cities including London, Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds, Bristol, Glasgow and Edinburgh to deliver competitive and feature-rich connectivity (with lines up to 10Gb) to over 350,000 postcodes across more than 100 cities and towns throughout the UK.

Our network has been expertly designed to provide the security, resilience and speed that your business needs to operate efficiently. And with our full product set embedded into our network, you can take voice, unified communications, internet security and 4G all built on the same robust infrastructure.

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[ Vaioni Voice Services ]

Calling is still the most personable way to stay in touch with your customers and colleagues. Ensure your team can maximise their productivity and remain contactable from wherever they are with an internet-based calling solution that can also save you money.

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Whether Hosted Voice or Unified Communications, IP-based voice services improve productivity.

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A carrier grade voice service that brings together rich unified communications features with best-of-breed analytics.

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[ We’re Proud of our Achievements ]

The exceptional dedication and passion that our people bring to the table has been recognised for years. We’re so proud of our team and how they enable Vaioni to disrupt the market; making industry-leading services accessible to the majority of UK businesses.

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