Why Choose Vaioni

Vaioni is a market leading provider of high speed connectivity to businesses across the UK and globally. Our portfolio of network services is second to none, offering the widest choice to our customers and allowing them to build bespoke solutions.

In the past 2 years, over 500 customers have chosen to work with Vaioni, making us officially one of the fastest growing businesses in the North.

So why do businesses choose to work with Vaioni?

1. Our Extraordinary Network

Vaioni not only operates its own carrier grade network, it has invested in a second, high speed network connecting London, Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds and Newcastle and it also aggregates a further 10 carrier networks into its infrastructure, providing one of the fastest, most flexible and most agile networks in the country. From this, our customers can choose the speed and technologies they need to answer the individual requirements of their business.

Find out more about our Network here.

2. Dedicated Service

An ethos of delivering customer service excellence runs through the company. From our Values down to our day to day processes, everything we do is centred around delivering the best possible experience. It's the reason why we ensure that our NOC is staffed at all times by fully trained engineers, and it's why we offer all our customers one of the best SLAs in the industry, guaranteeing 1 full day's credit for every hour of downtime. 

Read more about our Values here.

3. Great Value

Most importantly, we understand the sheer importance of seeing a strong return on your investment with us. That's why we ensure every customer benefits from exceptional value that includes:

  • Pricing options from over 12 carriers - so customers can be sure they are getting the most competitive pricing


  • Free managed router and installation, reducing upfront CapEx costs


  • Free internet backup, to mitigate the risks and costs associated with downtime


  • Free network monitoring, to give you the intelligence and data you need, to make the right choice about further investment in your network


It all adds up to an Extraordinary Difference and its one that more and more businesses are enjoying.

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For more information on Vaioni services contact us on the details above. If you would prefer a callback just click the link below and we will be happy to get back to you.