Mitigating Downtime

Downtime is a major concern for any business. The loss of employee productivity and sales, combined with the damage to brand reputation can have an enormous impact on a business of any size. Recent research* also suggests that 32% of SMEs are unlikely to recover from an outage that lasts longer than 48 hours.

At Vaioni, we understand how vital it is for you to be able to depend on your connectivity, and this is why our network has been designed to help businesses mitigate this risk.

Inherent Network Resilience

We’ve invested in over £1m infrastructure in the past year to ensure our network is fully resilient. Our core network is carrier grade and includes self-healing technology, meaning if there is a fault in one part of the network, it automatically and seamlessly reroutes traffic

Free Internet Backup

With every Leased Line solution we deliver a free ADSL Backup circuit, meaning that even if your primary connection goes down, your business will still have internet access Carrier Diversity. We interconnect with 12 Ethernet carriers meaning that for customers for whom downtime is not an option, we can create a truly diverse network with no single point of failure, even at carrier level.

Network Monitoring

Every Leased Line comes with free network monitoring, giving you insight into the performance of your network, and enabling you to pre-empt any problems with capacity before they impact your business.

100% SLA

We guarantee up to 100% up time and we back this up with an industry-leading SLA that offers 1 day’s credit for every hour of downtime. What’s more, this is rounded to the nearest hour, so even if you only experience 1 minute’s downtime, you’ll still receive credit for the full hour. 


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