Meeting your strategic needs

Connectivity has often been described as the newest utility. It is now as essential to business as electricity, and any loss of connectivity is not just damaging to brand, it can cause serious losses in productivity and sales.

At Vaioni, we believe that because connectivity has become such a strategic tool, customers need to be able to build their network to meet the individual needs, to build a network which is personalised. This is why we have focused on offering the widest possible choice to our customers -  In fact, ‘Choice and Excellence in Connectivity’ is our Company Vision.

Choice of Carrier

We are interconnected with 12 Ethernet carriers, so if there is a particular carrier with which you want to work, or otherwise, we can accommodate you. We’re completely vendor agnostic, so you can be certain we will recommend the carrier  - or carriers - solution which most effectively fits your needs. It also means we have access to an unbeatable geographic footprint, so regardless of where your business is located, we can connect you.

Choice of 6 access technologies

Different access technologies offer different capabilities – and at different prices. We’ll work with you to understand your specific network needs and then make our recommendations based on meeting those needs. Click here to find out more about our different access methods.

Choice of on-net or off-net

On-net connectivity can often be more cost effective and give options for greater control over traffic. Vaioni can offer on-net connectivity across Manchester, Birmingham and London through the Vaioni Ethernet Network.

Choice based on price

For many businesses, cost plays a major role in their decision. At Vaioni, we have access to the pricing of every major Ethernet carrier, so we can ensure you have access to the most competitive pricing available at the time.

Give our team a call and find out how we can build a network that will answer the needs of your business.

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