Maximise your ROI

Whilst IT budgets have seen little growth in recent years, the demands and expectations of the have grown exponentially, particularly in terms of additional security and protection.

At Vaioni, we understand the importance of investing wisely and of being able to demonstrate a return on your investment and which is why we have developed our business to ensure our customers always see an excellent return on their investment.

Highly competitive pricing

Vaioni is interconnected with every major Ethernet carrier in the UK – 12 to be precise. This means we have access to the best possible pricing available on the market at any time, so our customers can be certain they are getting a competitive price.

Reduced upfront costs

The upfront investment required for a new network can sometimes be prohibitive. At Vaioni, we provide free installation and a free managed router with every Leased Line, significantly reducing your upfront costs and Capex outlay.

Extraordinary Added Value

With every Leased Line Vaioni provide a series of added value options including a free internet backup, which helps mitigate the risk of downtime and the associated costs and penalties

Free Network Monitoring

Our network monitoring solution will help you ensure any investment made in your network is the right one. The data can help identify current capacity issues as well as the bandwidth your business needs, meaning you can invest in the right capacity. What’s more, the data can also provide intelligence and allow you to pre-empt any capacity issues before they impact your business.

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