Personal communication remains central to building strong, effective relationships with colleagues and customers, and goes hand-in-hand with employee productivity, customer loyalty and great brand reputation. This means it is essential to ensure communication with your business is simple.

ClearVoice is a Hosted PBX solution from Vaioni, offering a full Unified Communications platform whilst reducing the significant upfront and maintenance costs traditionally associated with on premise phone systems.

Its state-of-the-art features include built in Video, Conferencing, Call Centre and Unified Messaging functionality and – with support for home and remote users - means employees can maximise their communications across any type of device or location.

Key Features

  • Standard and Premium service available, which can be combined to answer individual needs within your business

  • Single number can be used and transferred across multiple devices

  • Comprehensive web collaboration

  • Delivered with best of breed Polycom hardware, multiple options available

  • Typical lead time of less than 30 days

  • Fully comprehensive Voice, Video, Collaboration, IM and Presence capabilities

  • Support for multiple OS and hardware

  • Hosted Monitoring capabilities provide reporting into daily usage


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