Our Network

The Vaioni Network delivers high speed connectivity to businesses across the country. It is at the centre of every product and service we deliver, and that is why in the past year alone we have invested in over £1m worth of infrastructure to ensure our network is amongst the fastest, most secure and most resilient networks in the country.

Our Core Network

Vaioni is a network operator in its own right, operating a core network across London and Manchester. This carrier grade infrastructure is the heart of our network – all our customer traffic uses this network to access the wider internet. We’re proud to boast a 99.96% uptime on this network – and that figure is only set to improve!

The Vaioni Ethernet Network

The Vaioni Ethernet Network provides on-net connectivity to businesses across London, Birmingham and Manchester.  We can offer high speeds of up to 10Gb at significantly reduced prices, typically saving up to 40% against BT. And because the service is on-net, our customers can benefit from improved resilience and security as well as great costs.

Find out more about the Vaioni Ethernet Network here.

Our Aggregated Network

We have strong partnerships with 12 of the country’s leading Ethernet providers, including the likes of BT, Virgin Media Business, TalkTalk Business and Vodafone. We’ve connected their networks with our own meaning that through Vaioni, businesses have access to the widest possible geographic footprint, the widest possible choice of speeds and access technologies at the best possible price.

Put simply, wherever you are, with our network, we can connect you.

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